Research Group on Aging and the Life Course (FALL)

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Danish Institute of Gerontology, Hellerup, Denmark
Partly in english: News, Events, Facts about the elderly, Publications and links (Denmark and elsewhere)

The Gerontology Research Centre, Lund, Sweden
Informations about the centre, Newsletter, staff members, current and completed research, and publications

Social Gerontology Group, Department of Sociology, University of Uppsala, Sweden
Detailed description of this research group, the group members, abstracts of publications, current and recently finished research projects (among others: intergenerational relationships, aging and loneliness, aging as a biographical construction) and some (few) other links...

Swiss research programme 'Ageing', The Swiss National Science Foundation SNSF, Bern, Switzerland
Listing of the research projects, research teams, and publications

ECE's programme on population ageing, The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, Population Activities Unit, Geneve, Switzerland
Data on many countries from the project "The status of older persons in ECE countries: economic conditions, living arrangements, and gender", short informations on their "Survey of Ageing Research in the ECE Region" and many other links

Centre for Social Policy Research and Development, University of Wales, UK
Description of the centre, staff, current research, abstracts of publications, and working papers in a newsletter!

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